About Yours Truly

This is where I talk about all things: interests and hobbies, thoughts and ideas, as they pertain to the Catholic faith, and, most importantly, God. Having recently come to the Church, my heart is afire with the desire for knowledge and practical discipline. Here I can focus my thoughts and articulate them into fancy Internet blogs – because this is America, and America is great.

I was born and raised in Oregon. Which, despite its historical racism, prides itself on being quite liberal today. That is not the case. Oregon has too much pride to acknowledge that this is a land given to free peoples by God. It is meant to be a haven, albeit for white families historically, for free thought and progress – it is at a stale mate.

To be honest, this site has been birthed from an overwhelming, crushing need to speak my mind freely about how misguided the secular liberals are on certain issues. Don’t get me wrong – there are many things that they do well, such as promoting inclusion and promoting awareness of injustices. However, despite this, there is an innate intolerance towards most religions, with the exception of Islam, and the inherent morality that God has given to us.

Let me say: voting Republican does not make you racist, endorsing Trump does not make you a sexist bigot, being worried about extremist radical Islamists does not make you a xenophobe – all of these things make you a functional human being in this world. There is a pathway of truth and tolerance available through Christ and the Catholic truth that needs to be spread to the world. I believe you can be skeptical, be worldly, and be godly.

I hope that this blog can shed some light on why God is the answer to all issues of social making, political or ideological. We need to get back to Him.

Nevertheless, I invite you all in to join my spiritual adventures!